Open Agorà Project

Mobility as a Service

Living Lab

The goal of the Open Agorà project is to develop and test solutions for helping people to improve their sustainable mobility behaviour. This will be achieved through the creation of a citizen community contributing to a Living Lab and by leveraging artificial intelligence systems and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The project activities will start by interacting with the inhabitants of the Campidoglio district within the city of Turin in order to co-design technological solutions to be tested within the Living Lab: new services will be developed caring about the most relevant aspects for final users, regarding mobility habits and potential incentives for a more sustainable urban mobility.

Smart Bikes

A system to enable connected bikes will be developed and tested within the Living Lab: such system will be used to experiment with services like virtual antitheft (smart lock), cooperative data gathering (crowd-sensing) for detecting the risk level of streets and the air quality, and gamification solutions for encouraging the use of greener transportation modes. The project comprises the Turin TIM Joint Open Lab, the Turin Polytechnic and the Move Plus (car pooling) and Pony Zero (urban logistics through connected bikes) startups.